June 14, 2024

A luxury kitchen must be both functional and beautiful. From bespoke structural features to gorgeous lighting, there are many ways to up the ante on your kitchen remodel.

Use light colors throughout the room to create a bright and spacious feeling. White cabinets and countertops are a classic choice that instantly feels luxurious.


Whether it’s a bold accent wall or a dazzling backsplash, turquoise brings vibrancy to any kitchen. Unlike many bright colors, turquoise pairs well with other colors without overwhelming them. The shade looks particularly stunning with neutrals, warm whites, and muted grays.

If you love the idea of a turquoise kitchen but are worried it might be too bold, consider a lighter shade of the color. Paintzen notes that light shades of turquoise can look nearly teal, which is perfect for upscale homes that need an elegant but soothing hue.

To further enliven a neutral kitchen with turquoise, add accent pieces like this modern vase. Turquoise is also a popular choice for cabinetry, with designers adding the color to kitchen island tops and cabinets. This beautiful accent is sure to grab attention from guests and family members alike.


The clean lines of midcentury modern style pair well with a variety of materials. The use of natural wood furniture can be complemented by modern metallic design accents. Brass inlaid backsplashes, glitzy Mitzi lighting and other modern metal materials are a great way to bring a midcentury feel into your luxury kitchen.

Linear profiles are a hallmark of midcentury modern style, from the Florence Knoll sofa to classic residential rooflines. Incorporate this elegant design element into your luxury kitchen by choosing cabinetry and lighting with linear details, like the bleached walnut cabinets in this California kitchen designed by Tidal Interiors.

Marble countertops add a sense of splendor to any kitchen, and are easy to clean to maintain that sleek, luxurious look. A marble backsplash is a beautiful complement to stainless steel appliances, and a polished chrome faucet, such as the Multiere by Mick De Giulio, is a stylish addition.


Rustic design focuses on natural elements that bring a cozy, nostalgic character to your luxury kitchen. Exposed brick walls and wood ceiling beams are common features that create the rustic style, but modern man-made materials like metal can also be used to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Sticking with neutrals can make it easy to incorporate a variety of different rustic decor pieces into your space. If you want to add a bit of color, consider using washed out blues or greens or orange-brown hues that have a natural, earthy look. Vibrant colors tend to clash with the rustic style, so you’ll want to limit their use in your home.

Hidden Pantry

Hidden pantry doors are an elegant solution for maximizing storage in your kitchen. They can be incorporated in a variety of styles and materials, including sliding barn door shutters, bookcase-style swinging doors, or even pocket-style doors that slide into walls.

Decorative handles and knobs add visual appeal to these unique door designs, making them the perfect finishing touch for a luxury pantry. A recessed pull or finger handle is also a good choice as it won’t detract from the sleek look of the millwork paneling behind.

In addition to aesthetics, security is an important consideration when designing a hidden pantry. Make sure to incorporate locking mechanisms into the design so that only you have access to your food, cleaning supplies, and other items. For extra safety, you can also add motion sensors or cameras to monitor activity around the pantry door.

High-End Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a hub for family gatherings and an impressive showpiece for entertaining. Luxury home buyers are seeking a kitchen that is both efficient and stunning, which often means high-end appliances.

Stainless steel finishes offer sleek aesthetics and serve as a focal point for modern kitchen designs. They also last longer and feature innovative features like pro-style construction, built-in installation, preprogrammed modes and touchscreen panels.

Light fixtures are another key element in creating a luxury feel for your kitchen. Look for pieces with design dialogue with your cabinetry, or coordinating metals in a range of finish options, including gold and matte black. A mix of task and accent lighting can set different moods for your room, and adding dimmer switches is an easy way to add a personal touch.

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