April 12, 2024

There are a few home decor items that can help to create visual interest in your home. Using items with texture or geometric shapes are two examples. You can also try grouping items in threes. Often, this will create a more dramatic look.


Adding texture to home decor can make a room look warm, cozy and inviting. Texture also adds a sense of depth.

One of the easiest ways to add interest to a room is to incorporate a bold pattern. However, if you’re nervous about making a statement, try subtle accents. A few colorful accessories with a bold pattern can add a lot of energy to a space without overwhelming it.

Another great way to introduce texture to your design is with the addition of furniture. Decorative pillows and upholstered furniture are a great place to start. These pieces can be made from luxurious materials such as leather and silk. You can also add textures to a space through rugs.

The best way to incorporate texture into your design is to use a variety of finishings and materials. For example, you could incorporate woven wood blinds and a natural seagrass area rug. This gives you the same effect as adding an accent wall to a space.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are a popular home decor trend. They are easy to incorporate into interiors and exteriors. These shapes add visual interest, comfort, and style.

Many people opt to use geometric patterns to create a calming and modern atmosphere. Using them in the form of wall art and fabrics can add a sense of purpose and harmony to a room.

Whether you are looking to incorporate geometric patterns into your home or you just want to update your existing furnishings, it is easy to achieve a striking look with the right colors and materials. Here are three simple ways to add them to your space.

Adding a geometric backsplash can be a great way to bring geometric designs into your kitchen. Mosaic tiles are another great option. You can find a variety of mosaics, including wine corks, old plates, and reclaimed wood.

For a truly eye-catching statement, try adding a geometric mirror to a wall. This will create the illusion of a larger space. Alternatively, you can hang a triangular shelf on the wall as a reading nook.

Grouping items in threes

The rule of three can be applied to a variety of home decor elements. It helps to make a room feel more balanced and orderly. In addition, it can provide a fun way to add visual interest to your home.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy way to organize your home’s furniture, it’s a good idea to try grouping items in threes. You can use this idea to enhance your living room, den, or dining area. Grouping three chairs in front of a coffee table creates a more inviting seating area.

One of the best ways to utilize the rule of three is to use it as a guideline for your next decorating project. For example, a tray can be used to display decorative objects. Some trays come in wood, brass, or silver. Having a tray with varied shapes and sizes can be a great way to add a touch of interest to a flat surface.

Another way to utilize the rule of three is to use radial symmetry. This will allow you to display items in odd numbers and create an asymmetrical look.

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