May 20, 2024

The latest home design trend is all about natural light. A home with wide, French windows is perfect for this look, which focuses on natural light and chi flow. Glass surfaces add a fresh, modern feel to any space, and you can replace your old carpeting with a chic tiled floor. Murals are another popular trend. These do not need to be expensive pieces of artwork; they can be used as a bold accent on a blank wall.

Curved furniture has been popular for several decades, and this style is on the rise again. In addition to furniture, you’ll find curved wall art and patterns on hardwood floors. Curved doorways are also a great way to add height to rooms and can be finished in a day. It’s a trend you can easily replicate without breaking the bank. But, beware: the trend isn’t just for the kitchen!

Midcentury modern is still a popular home design trend. According to Houzz, searches for “midcentury modern” include lines and materials reminiscent of the style. Typical examples of this style include narrow rectangular kit kat tile, curved sofas, and nubby boucle rugs. And, you can find hundreds of photos on the home renovation website Houzz. There are also plenty of articles about how to incorporate this look into your home.

As sustainability continues to become a buzzword, millennials will be more interested in green design. A green home is one that’s eco-friendly, and many consumers are pledging to reduce their impact on the planet. A home with natural elements will be a hot commodity in 2022. Millennials are making it easy to incorporate plants into the living area, with floral ceilings and vertical plant gardens gaining popularity on Pinterest.

Earthy colors will remain a favorite for this year’s home design trends. The color green is an ideal choice for a bathroom, and you can add a few colorful throw pillows in this space to spice things up a bit. Geometric shapes will play a prominent role in interior design, but don’t think of them as sharp features. A simple round or oval shape is equally striking. You can also try hanging ferns in the living room or dining room.

You can also integrate modern technology into your home design. Smart home appliances can be controlled via their built-in WiFi connection. You can even control them using a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. The possibilities are endless! And you can incorporate the latest technology into your home design to enhance your well-being and your home’s appearance. So, take advantage of this home design trend. The key is to be aware of what’s on the market today and what’s in style.

While the Covid-19 pandemic triggered a need to escape grim reality, it also influenced our everyday lives and interior design trends. As our domestic space has become a more flexible context, it now serves multiple functions, from work to socialising. The need for stimulation in our daily lives has prompted a rise in the number of people who are focusing on making their homes feel safe and happy. With the growth of multi-functionality, people are also extending the living space of their families.

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