June 14, 2024

When choosing a new vanity for your bathroom, consider buying a solid wood one. This type of vanity offers the benefits of a natural wood grain and added stability. You can choose a vanity with a wide variety of finishes and colors, or you can choose a custom design. In either case, you can expect to see quality craftsmanship and materials.

Wood bathroom vanities are available in two main styles. Traditional wooden vanities have a high finish, while contemporary wood bathroom vanities have a natural, unfinished look. Unfinished vanities, which are more difficult to find, tend to be lighter in color and more common in contemporary bathrooms. These vanities also work well with natural spa-style bathrooms.

Ready-to-assemble vanities are usually made of solid wood, but many brands now offer vanities made of healthier materials. These high-quality materials will have low VOC levels. Vanities may be made from plywood instead of solid wood, which is another option. Plywood can offgase quickly, so it is important to choose a solid wood vanity.

Modern bathroom designs can use a wood bathroom vanity in a natural shade, as well as light-colored accessories and contemporary hardware. You can also use wood grains to accent white surfaces and matte black fixtures. Many contemporary bathroom designs feature natural textures and colorful art. These designs can be used with a modern style light fixture and modern hardware.

A solid wood bathroom vanity will not droop in the center and will not scratch or dent easily. The surface will also last many years if you decide to repaint it. Unlike particleboard and MDF, solid wood will not peel or warp. You can also choose one with unstained wood for a timeless look.

While real wood is the classic material for bathroom vanities, birch and MDF are also excellent alternatives. These two materials are typically cheaper, but they have different properties. MDF will absorb moisture in the air and warp, and you should be sure to look for an excellent quality finish on them. Avoid buying a cheap MDF vanity if you want to avoid headaches in the future.

Natural wood bathroom vanities can be purchased in different colors or designs. If you want a more traditional look, choose a double-sided wood vanity for a larger bathroom. Natural wood will add warmth and comfort to any room. Its durability and beauty will increase the value of your home by up to ten percent.

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